A Deeper Power

Julyan Davey
Nov 9, 2023


To surrender yourself to Life
Is to discover a deeper power
A power so great, so free
That all the armies of the world,
With their tanks and bullets
Cannot stand against it.

To wield it:
Simply turn to Love
Give up the game
Drop it.
Dive in.

The price is to leave your certainty behind,
smouldering in the gutter
And never go back

When all seems lost
And in us hatred boils.
And we long to turn away and forget:
The hour of our victory is near!

For we can forgive!
We can remember this Earth,
Her beauty,
The glory of her gifts
And unleash an inferno
That cannot be stopped.

Turn to Love
Over and over and over again

Like a candle in the night
The moths will come.
Drawn to the radiance of your light.